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Every time swinging all over the world, I feel like readin'a cover of book
Diving in the story of the world; Oh I can hear every feeling of you.
Do you know all the choices you have? And-all-the-love written down in my words.
Here is 'all my words and' all your choices. So empty your mind, and now go inside my mind.

Get your chance to go-play inside the another world
If you never try, you will never know how would your story to be written.
So I let you make - good use of - this never dying soul
You will never get hurt, my friend
I was born for your own feeling, and your own adventure~~~

Each of my names and the changing lines are the params of my life
Half of my names will be known by you, you will want to find out all the others.
Each of trolling ending ahhh..... they are not only your fault.
When you know the author better and better, and you'll finally on th'right track to the good end.