PHP Template Engine Critique


Don't you notice that?

All the template engines claim themselves fast, small, with EXTREME performance, easy to use, maintenance and you can't live without them! Oh yea, I can't see how good they are other than claiming what they had going straight along this trivial work.

I am not going to talk about how useless a template engine is or how easy you can make it yourself although it's just easy as shit. Those engine try to rephrase what you can do in php to html only while reading those codes is not easier than the native PHP. Afterwards, they are joint together into a string for output and they try to make an extra useless cache function to the string because they think that it is soooooo difficult to fetch it, manipulate it and join them!

All right it seems to be somehow easier for different people to work together by sharing the same template language but why don't we make it more simple that just some customized expansion above eval()? In another word, I admit the existance of additional template engines rather than PHP.

While you dudes are using the huge bulky Smarty, how much time you spent on the lookup table?