Wal-Mart Employees Say 'Merry Christmas'



Following last year’s Wal-Mart controversy regarding religious issues over Christmas, the corporation announced to its employees Thursday that it is OK to once again greet shoppers by saying "Merry Christmas" instead of the generic "Happy Holidays".

I will now shop at Walmart for the CHRISTMAS season. I also boycotted Walmart when I heard of their decision to implement "Happy Holiday's" instead of "Merry Christmas". My reponse has been in the past, and will continue to be, to reply to anyone who wishes me "Happy Holiday's"...I respond with "Merry Christmas". I will not say Happy Holiday's to anyone...and I won't buy any Christmas Cards that say nothing other than "Merry Christmas". I don't EXPECT everyone to say "Merry Christmas" to me, but as stated above, I always reply any greeting said to me with "Merry Christmas". Hopefully corporate America will follow in Walmarts footsteps....Christ IS the center of the season.

Sarah, Meriden, USA