I've been upset, for the same thing, by another one, again, and once again.
So whether you try to determined to give pressure or no pressure; they are all wrong; that's not the point.

There is a maze, which have n players are randomly located and walking inside. The players are able to draw maps or memorize the paths and sights they have noticed. When they meet each other, they have the choice to or not to share their obtained information. In order to find out the exit as soon as possible. What would be the strategy to win the game? =>Lying on the information going to be shared.

There is a plane with n players standing on the circumference of a circle, where there will be more than 1 players within 30 degrees to the center. The first player reached the center of the circle will win $10000000. Players can attack each other. What would be the strategy to win? The fastest runner who have a signed contract, which meant to be sharing the prize, with the players besides him.

There is a lane with two players, who want to get to the center of the lane faster than the another, on each of the edges. They can do shooting, guarding, moving, or moving and talking. They threw their weapons together and become friends.