Sleeping at 2:30 or 3:00, quite early for me already. Getting up at 7:30 maybe.

I sobbed badly when I listen to 夏影 ... sadly... in MTR.

This morning lesson is a very interesting one. We are sharing the most difficult or the most interesting sentence just matched. I found the lecturer is quite "soft" due to the first time he teach maybe.

Assignment doing failure, write less then 10 words but clearly in mind what to do...confidently, I.

Minors and majors chord were taught, but the example are too simple to explain.

Grammer Track 1-10 finished.

Stupid 3 does not manage my account well.

Dmp3 is interesting for its achievements so I may fix it.

Feeling the days busy makes me not to fix it.

Chat with Sao till sleeping, feeling happy.