Tetris - Radical / Instant Gravity Experience


I'd like to have this experience sharing in English as I think this article may be useful for many tetris players around the world.

This article is not for beginners. If you cannot even pass the game freely, you should not read along.

Radical vs LV15
Lv15 means to have a very fast drop down speed but you can still have enough time to control the block to the direction you want.
Radical(lv20) means that the block is dropped in the center of the ground, you could not move it before it touch the ground.

-If the ground is too roughy. You will meet difficulty on having the perferred arrangement of the block in control.
-A bell-shaped ground is recommended, so that you can move the block left or right for one time.
-Pre-spin your blocks as horizontally as possible so that your blocks may land across the ridges.
-Be familiar with clockwise and anti-clockwise turn, 3-in-a-row button even sucks more than that in Lv15.

Freeze Movement
Yes, you still need it if you want to have 65+TPM.

I treat the movement of moving the block onto the uncompleted "walls" as healing, but unlike Lv15, no mid-trim healing is possible in Radical. So, be very carefully of "big mistakes". If your platform is a T-shape, please restart.(LOL)

Aim for Tetris?
Yes, if you want a high point. But, No, personally. The reason is the difficulty is so high to archieve a Tetris. If I get 3 empty space and waiting for an "I", I would rather put a "L" to it in order to secure the top platform. Your skill is much more than enough to handle such tiny holes.

Time Reference
Timing for 40 rows for Pros is similar to Lv15/original which is around 1:10; I personally tried 1:37 by secure playing style.

Time allocation
If you want to practice this game mode and want to finish it within 2 minutes.
0:00 - 1:00 finish about 22
1:00 > finish 18
although there are materials left after certain game progress, the situation is tough comparing to the beginning and your TPM is dropping along the game. But if you can make use of the materials well, the result will be very good and maybe 20 rows in 30seconds.

More Experience
-Start to use up your material after clearing the 20th row
-The left thumb will be tired soon, but please keep it up
-Take a rest if your eyes cannot focus well.
-Keep your eyes on the next block... and think it, think about clockwise, which key, how much left, how much right, and prepare it and do it as fast as you can. It makes a big difference
-Search the "I" and think about if making a small hole or a 3-empty rows.
-"Hold" is magical in Radical as it takes no dalay and costs so little to your TPM. but it breaks the rythum in the game progress.
-TPM is my main concern, but think clearly for the platform is very important. Do not scarifice the platform usability for that ultimate TPM in the beginning(80+ even 90+), The best game play keeps a very constant TPM throughout the game.