Windows media player for Mac

Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player Microsoft® Windows Media® Player for Mac brings the best audio and video to millions of Mac users with full support for the industry-leading Windows Media Technologies. A few of the great features include Windows Media content playback, plug-in support* for Internet Explorer, Netscape and Safari browsers (*9 Player only), high-quality audio and video, and Mac Classic skins. Media Player also has Digital Rights Management support to help protect your content, and, of course, it's free and easy to use! Learn more

Choose from two Media Players for the Mac: Windows Media Player 9 for Mac OS X, and Windows Media Player 7.1 (for Mac 8.1 and higher). These players let you hear and see the thousands of hours of Windows Media-formatted content that's available on the Web. Optimized specifically for the Mac, both players provide intuitive design, reliable performance, and compatibility with most popular Mac models and system software. What's more, with full support for the latest Windows Media technologies, Windows Media Player delivers CD-quality audio at half the file size of MP3, as well as the sharpest video available.


XD....Microsoft Office for Mac 都由它去了,
現代還搞個Windows media player for Mac!